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Merry Christmas 2019 from Flashpoint Miniatures

Just an update to say to Merry Christmas and happy holidays for 2019 .

Thankyou for your best wishes and thoughts at this time .

…As you might know we live in the countryside of eastern Australia ,.. which is mostly on fire nearly everywhere at the moment.   We are doing well and remaining safe where we are , we still have active fires in all directions around us and have more extreme weather days ahead before the Australian “fire season” is over.

We are maybe about to receive a few days of rain that should make a difference to the fires near us and cheer up the vegetation around us which has been tinder-dry in drought conditions.  Many of our immediate neighbors don’t have water (and have to buy it by the truckload) so we are doing ok that we do have access to water, . but a few days of rain will help us too .

So I’ve not unpacked the Flashpoint miniatures production area just yet because it is now packed with firefighting gear laid out if we might still need on nearly no notice at all.

I am however using the enforced downtime to complete jobs like the website shop upgrade and lots of shed-cleaning and stocktaking , and am hoping to even get a good dose of figure painting (and photos) in myself. ..and have already planned the first wargaming (and beer drinking) meetings with local and distant friends for the holiday period. 

I have had a few contacts who have contacted me to ask if I was ready to be trading again.  

I do need to restock (ie ; manufacture) a few key figures / items.

I’ll want to do some manufacturing over the holidays ( I enjoy it and looking forward to it ) so if you’re after something I need to make I can get it done / completed while I am ‘hands on’ . 

So email me and say G’day ! ,.. Let me know what you are after and been up to !

Thankyou all , …It’s been a busy year ! , and we have kicked a few goals in a few new places and look to get back to some interesting things again next year !

All the best ,

great gaming !

and Happy New Year 2020 !