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Hi all , Fire Break at Flashpoint Miniatures

Hi all

Just an update to say G’day.

I’m not sure if you are aware of the fires happening in Australia, but I’m in the thick of it right now. We had a “Catastrophic” fire danger event at very short notice on Tuesday 12th November (this week). The scary surprise we had was a very high-wind day and fires very close in multiple directions.  I’m writing this as of Friday Morning 15th November (Australian time)  , so we made it through . …

We have more extreme fire danger weather predicted over the coming days, and fires still burning all around (ie; in every direction) from where we are located, that might still be burning for weeks. You may not be aware (if you don’t follow New South Wales Rural fire service like we do) but this has been ongoing now (in our area) for at least seven weeks already.

Flashpoint miniatures production area has been packed up temporarily to protect against risk of fire.  

I’ve got two of my ‘old faithful’ collectors waiting for orders at the moment, but otherwise everything else is away. I’ll happily accept orders through the website, but I won’t be producing again until conditions ease and I am happy to unpack things like gas bottles and highly flammable chemicals to get started again.  I look forward to this tho’ .. because I’ve just been doing some great fun new things. As you might notice the website has had an upgrade , and I am keen to add a collection of photos of Flashpoint miniatures on the gaming tables and collections of the world .

So just to let you know, we are Ok (so far) and believe the worst of the immediate conditions are behind us right now. The ‘factory’ shed is shut up and fireproofed right now, but we will get back to work just as soon as conditions ease here. So orders in the interim will have a slight delay.

All the best for now. I’ll get back to you here when we are back in action .

Stay happy and safe.

Jimmi Flashpoint Miniatures