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Happy New Year for 2020 ! …. Still alive !

Well we didn’t burn down , thanks to the herculean efforts of our local Rural Fire Brigades. Our local area has had two waves of decent rain about a week apart and as of a few days ago,  we have no fires in our local area for the first time since August last year. The vegetation around where I live out in the mountain forests on the East coast of Australia has greened up from a tinder dry yellow, and local waterways are running again. Looks like we will survive the Armageddon season for this year. … I hope I’m not calling it too early.

I’ve had the chance to do some serious cleaning and re-organisation of the Flashpoint production shed (including taking out the firefighting gear and storing it away) and have already been shipping a few orders that came in over the last weeks. I’ve had a chance to replace some worn-out molds and try a few new things inspired by last year’s experiments with 3D printing. I’ve still got a little bit of restocking to do, but it will happen quickly from now.

Thankyou for all the best wishes and patience during this time. I’ve used the “time off”(hahaha!) to get some important and vital behind-the-scenes jobs done that have been languishing over the last year while we’ve been pretty busy here. …Looking forward to the rest of 2020 , should be easier from here .