About us


Who is Flashpoint Miniatures… ?

Flashpoint Miniatures is an Australian wargames and miniatures manufacturing company located in the jungle covered mountains of Northern rivers NSW.

We specialise in 15mm scale military figurines and terrain.

Flashpoint Miniatures has established the foundation of a constantly evolving range of 15mm miniatures and accessories with a focus on the ‘Vietnam’ War and Ultra-Modern ‘small wars’ conflicts.

We are first and foremost wargamers, with a long collective experience in wargaming,  so aim to produce and source good looking , robustly made , best quality, value-for-money wargaming miniatures and accessories that we would want to (and do) use ourselves.

We acquired Flashpoint miniatures in late 2012 when the previous owners of the range had sorta let the range languish,  and were not really getting the best out of what we thought were a fantastic range of 15mm Vietnam war miniatures.

Our wargaming interest is in 15mm Vietnam War COIN wargaming  (and Ultra Modern period ‘small wars’) and has been since the first decent 15mm Vietnam Wargaming figures appeared in the mid 1990’s .

Long before this we wargamed slightly smaller skirmishes with plastic 20mm figures ; but 15mm allows for larger battles while still retaining some ‘personality’ that 6mm figures can’t offer.

We have played many of the Vietnam war tabletop rules on offer since the 80’s,  and enjoy the unique challenge of Vietnam period wargaming for it’s tactical complexity (like lots of hidden movement and concealment) , ‘cold war’ period taste ( like pre-satellite-era technology, ‘can-do’ attitude, and ‘must-do’ ideology ) and exotic local flavour ( numbah one ! )

The Future of Flashpoint Miniatures… depends on you !

The Flashpoint miniatures design team is developing our products and thinking of new ways to enhance what we offer, often in the light of tabletop experience or research.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our product ranges are kept fresh and are constantly bolstered with new additions to enhance our customers’ tactical disposition ,  quality satisfaction and inner happiness.

Our customers are our biggest source of inspiration, we welcome feedback as a means of determining our future projects and look to ensure that the products we do produce are good looking , robustly made , best quality, value-for-money wargaming miniatures and accessories, and address areas and subjects that may have been previously neglected or simply not addressed yet.

Flashpoint Miniatures takes pride in the quality of our product.

“We” are a small cottage industry , a small group of wargamers , modellers , designers, innovative thinkers,  skilled artisans, production technicians, and office gurus.

We are committed to providing the player with exciting and constant releases, and the consumer with a level of customer service second to none.

Our Figures and Models…

Our metal figures are made from a top quality pewter metal which makes small pieces, like the ends of weapons, much stronger. It also provides sharp crisp edges on models which makes painting a breeze and provides great edges that makes dry brushing effective.

Our vehicles are a combination of high quality polyurethane resin and metal components. This combination allows us to provide tough and light-weight high-detailed vehicles with a choice of add-on combinations. We have had unsolicited praise from customers for the degree of detail and simplicity of our M113 range of models, and the design innovation of our LVTP5 and LVTH6 models.

We also supply plastic kit helicopters which are also of high detail and go together quickly and easily, and a developing range of terrain and accessory items adding even more detail to your wargaming table.

Consumer feedback…

Should you have any questions, queries, or simply want to drop a line to let us know what you think of our service or products simply contact us via email.

Here is the Flashpoint Miniatures Captain of Industry :

Feel free to email us direct with any questions, queries or feedback.


James  “Jimmi” Tiffin
Managing Director,

Production Manager, Communications Officer, Postal clerk, Floor sweeper , Administration Manager’s assistant.

E:  admin@flashpoint-miniatures.com