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Merry Christmas 2019 from Flashpoint Miniatures

Just an update to say to Merry Christmas and happy holidays for 2019 .

Thankyou for your best wishes and thoughts at this time .

…As you might know we live in the countryside of eastern Australia ,.. which is mostly on fire nearly everywhere at the moment.   We are doing well and remaining safe where we are , we still have active fires in all directions around us and have more extreme weather days ahead before the Australian “fire season” is over.

We are maybe about to receive a few days of rain that should make a difference to the fires near us and cheer up the vegetation around us which has been tinder-dry in drought conditions.  Many of our immediate neighbors don’t have water (and have to buy it by the truckload) so we are doing ok that we do have access to water, . but a few days of rain will help us too .

So I’ve not unpacked the Flashpoint miniatures production area just yet because it is now packed with firefighting gear laid out if we might still need on nearly no notice at all.

I am however using the enforced downtime to complete jobs like the website shop upgrade and lots of shed-cleaning and stocktaking , and am hoping to even get a good dose of figure painting (and photos) in myself. ..and have already planned the first wargaming (and beer drinking) meetings with local and distant friends for the holiday period. 

I have had a few contacts who have contacted me to ask if I was ready to be trading again.  

I do need to restock (ie ; manufacture) a few key figures / items.

I’ll want to do some manufacturing over the holidays ( I enjoy it and looking forward to it ) so if you’re after something I need to make I can get it done / completed while I am ‘hands on’ . 

So email me and say G’day ! ,.. Let me know what you are after and been up to !

Thankyou all , …It’s been a busy year ! , and we have kicked a few goals in a few new places and look to get back to some interesting things again next year !

All the best ,

great gaming !

and Happy New Year 2020 !


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Hi all , Fire Break at Flashpoint Miniatures

Hi all

Just an update to say G’day.

I’m not sure if you are aware of the fires happening in Australia, but I’m in the thick of it right now. We had a “Catastrophic” fire danger event at very short notice on Tuesday 12th November (this week). The scary surprise we had was a very high-wind day and fires very close in multiple directions.  I’m writing this as of Friday Morning 15th November (Australian time)  , so we made it through . …

We have more extreme fire danger weather predicted over the coming days, and fires still burning all around (ie; in every direction) from where we are located, that might still be burning for weeks. You may not be aware (if you don’t follow New South Wales Rural fire service like we do) but this has been ongoing now (in our area) for at least seven weeks already.

Flashpoint miniatures production area has been packed up temporarily to protect against risk of fire.  

I’ve got two of my ‘old faithful’ collectors waiting for orders at the moment, but otherwise everything else is away. I’ll happily accept orders through the website, but I won’t be producing again until conditions ease and I am happy to unpack things like gas bottles and highly flammable chemicals to get started again.  I look forward to this tho’ .. because I’ve just been doing some great fun new things. As you might notice the website has had an upgrade , and I am keen to add a collection of photos of Flashpoint miniatures on the gaming tables and collections of the world .

So just to let you know, we are Ok (so far) and believe the worst of the immediate conditions are behind us right now. The ‘factory’ shed is shut up and fireproofed right now, but we will get back to work just as soon as conditions ease here. So orders in the interim will have a slight delay.

All the best for now. I’ll get back to you here when we are back in action .

Stay happy and safe.

Jimmi Flashpoint Miniatures

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Hi Gents , Happy New Year 2019.

Hi all , I hope you have had a great holiday period wherever you are .

I’ve had a really busy period up to now , and am still getting things out the door from (immediately) before Christmas ,… admittedly they are some pretty big orders, that have lots of special bits ; but I’m still going, and about to get these away.
I’m planning on taking it pretty easy over the next few weeks up to the end of January. I have a few wargaming commitments I want to put my attention to , so I’ll still be taking orders , but I’ll likely be a bit slower to get them out in the next few weeks .
Plenty of good stuff coming , thankyou for your support and custom over the last year. Despite me having a few weeks away for family reasons , last year was the most busy and innovative so far , AND  we are making some more fundamental changes to how we do things behind the ‘scenes so things should be getting better.

I just had the challenge of assembling a large bunch of scenery and figures for a special ‘movie-prop’ project , and pulling in a large number of disparate products (not just the popular ones) ; at short notice , just after the end of an already busy period , and I was remarking at how much our production (in quality and numbers) has improved from our first years . So am feeling good for what’s ahead , now looking to get some time in throwing dice on a table or few .

All the best for now !  Happy Gaming in 2019.


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Hi all, Flashpoint Miniatures back on deck , and firing up !

Hi Gents ,

I’ve just had a six week period whereby I’ve been a bit quiet on the Flashpoint front as I attend to extended family duties. All good .

I have used the brief downtime to perform all the ‘behind the scenes’ admin like stocktaking, filing and cleaning (there was a lot to do here) ,.. but most importantly ,.. getting a few new projects ready and completed. My new Sampans and cemetery pieces are ready (mastered by ‘Sunihanble’ ; a genius wargame terrain builder ), and a few other ageing favorite molds have been improved and replaced.

I have been a little busy here over the table nonetheless, as a few gamers have been amassing some interesting NVA Sapper Companies that we put together earlier in the year. There has also been a lot of interest in larger VC units and I have really enjoyed a run of packing up larger NVA and VC units in some big orders.

Sappers on the wire ! … courtesy of the desk of Josep Ribera.

I’ve also added a few figures to my ‘pet’ project of MIKE force/ Hatchett force and MACV-SOG pack rethinks , after reading John Plasters’ book ‘SOG’ again earlier in the year. I have a few painting/modelling priorities rightaway ; but I am so looking forward to getting a formation of these bad boys together and painted. I am looking to add some sort of ‘irregular’ HQ units with a few heavy weapons and medics / signallers / interrogators etc to ’round these units out on the wargames table for bigger ‘jobs. I have a few friends who are fully exploring the ‘special-operations’ genre , and I have had some excellent feedback on “wants and needs” .

“Clear ! ” ; from the wargames table of ‘Just Jack’ . 

So thankyou very much gents , thankyou for giving me a little time that I needed , and thanks for keeping me busy nonetheless. Huge thankyous for your kind comments on other forums about my “outstanding” service (very appreciated to hear) . Plenty of most excellent new and old 15mm Vietnam wargaming goodness is here.

more to follow , out for now .



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Hi all , Important message. 09 June 18 .

Greetings Flashpoint friends ,

I have just had a death in the family, and plan to be supporting my immediate family as a priority over the next few weeks.

I will process current orders and happily receive new orders throughout this time , but I’ll take it pretty easy at least until the end of June , … so immediate orders might take a bit longer to put together.

I thank my Flashpoint customers and friends very much for a great year so far , and hope this won’t interfere with any plans for world domination at this time.

All the best


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Hi all , Welcome to 2018 ,

Hi all,

Welcome to 2018 ! .., we have had a really busy holiday period and filled some really interesting orders ! Thankyou for keeping us busy (no really …hahaha!) , and thanks for some of the excellent feedback and shared projects I have seen recently. Thankyou, Gracias ,  for the many emails and photos .

I’ve got a heaps of stuff to share ;

If you hadn’t seen already ; the LVTP5 and LVTH6 are back with an improved master. I do have the ‘Palm trees’ pack back in stock and the ‘Jungle trees’ pack has sold well but with only a few left already (but I will restock very soon). I have added the terrain grids and need to restock these too ..only two left as of right now.  I haven’t yet got the new cemetery terrain set or new sampans ready yet , but they are awaiting the right moment for production-casting.

I am just about to split the MACV/SOG ‘Hatchett Force’ into two . Now I will offer an eighteen man MACV/SOG Patrol (think ‘Project Delta’) with a few US advisors and smaller indigenous LRRP troops , and a small heavily armed ‘rescue’ (or ‘ambush’) force .  …and .. add a MIKE Force pack (think also ‘CIDG Striker’ or “Border Rangers” ) of 18 heavily armed local/’indig’ troops a few US advisors , … with their sleeves rolled up and loaded with ammo , …. ready to drop into anything with guns blazing .

I’m also about to add ;

NVA Sappers ( a long time coming ! , I haven’t painted these myself yet ; can’t wait) , NVA Medics and casualties  ( completely as a result of needs from gaming experience , you need these guys to drag your casualties off the table, plus ‘walking wounded’ you don’t want captured) ,  FWF Engineers (incl; minesweepers, dog-search teams, …again useful as the result of gaming experience ) , FWF Base Defenders (machinegun teams and RTO, to man your defences) , US Army ‘Mechanised Cavalry’ (to ‘mount’ in your ACAV Platoons), and a US Army M40 RCL Support Platoon ,… as ‘Platoon’-sized packs (like we already do)

..BUT … according with popular request I want to offer ‘squad’ packs of 8 to 12 figures so you can customise your forces more economically . Keep a lookout ! Lots more to come !

I’m also looking to change the way I do standard packaging , this is because if I can keep smaller orders thinner and lighter,  I can maybe save you a bunch on postage. I’ve been trying this out with well known customers who  give me good working feedback (many thankyous) and I reckon this will work fine. You should see postage prices come down at lower, smaller weight thresholds.

For those who are following this ; The “Leading Elements” Rules project is maturing nicely. We hope to have a stripped-down version and basic data tables in your hands very soon. Probably… also available (free) on Kindle ! We have been playtesting stuff wonderfully, ruthlessly well , and am having some good confirmatory success at dovetailing layers of rules together. and keeping it simple, readable and reference-able. ( The TOE and data charts are 1000% better looking and readable than they were even  3/12 ago.) (! Awesome 😉  ) This is taking longer than we keep thinking , and we are keen to share , but really worth doing right. We are seeing this with the easy complexity the ‘game’ seems to allow, and we have a few things to do , fix, rewrite as of right now ,.. but it’s getting where we want it to be.

as well as being busy in the Flashpoint ‘shop’ and posting stuff away,  plus making new stuff and replacing old stuff , and me being a social songbird of Happiness in 15mm Vietnam wargaming, …we will get this done .. Hahaha!

I think this will be another big year for 15mm Vietnam wargaming !

… I don’t know if you have been noticing , but it’s been quiet out there in the jungle ,… it has been quiet for too long , something ‘real big must be about to happen . (..and it’s the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Tet Offensive )

If you are on Facebook come and see where the “Fields of Fire” forums have moved to… a great place to discuss Vietnam wargaming with Vietnam wargamers .

all the best for the New Year !



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Merry Christmas 2017 !

Hi all ,

! Another year has flown by !

Thankyou all for your support and comradely good fellowship you provide through the year. I’m looking forward to a great year for Flashpoint Miniatures. I’ve been uncharacteristically all over the place in the second half of this year, but I’ve got a lot done , and I’ve got a lot more coming. I’ll post more just as soon as the silly season is past.

Sorry again I’ve been remiss in keeping here updated. You’ll know if you write I’m pretty good at getting back to individual questions or conversations. I’m often checking in here ;  or here

A lot here at Flashpoint Miniatures to share ! , Lots of new packs here on the back of some serious gaming experience ! ..things you didn’t know would be so important later !! … More new terrain (and restocks) coming soon !

But for now …

Merry Christmas 2017 ! .. Hope it’s a good one !


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Hi all from Jimmi again ! …. lots to share !

Hi all ,

I trust you are well , wow ! .. nearly end of September ! … a lot has been happening ! ..again a busy few months here ! Thankyou all . I’ve packed a lot of Marines, VC, SEALs and LRRPs recently !  I’ve got quite a few things finished, played a few games, met some new people and found a few pearls

I have a few new things to share ;

firstly;  I am happy to be able to offer some new scenery items from a veteran Vietnam and Indochina wargamer that I think are brilliant, and I hope to be offer more of into the future. These pieces are created by Pascal , located in sunniest France ; here is where to find his blog if you would like to see more . Pascal’s work is well known in the Vietnam Wargaming Community for his beautiful and imaginatively themed realistic wargaming layouts, scenery and models. I am fortunate to be reproducing a few of his pieces for sale here at Flashpoint Miniatures.

Starting with the pieces to make this cemetery layout …. I know one of our wargaming brothers in Texas, USA has been looking for cemetery pieces … these are fantastic , but Pascal also has three beautiful sampan models I can also share. I’ve only just first-casted copies of (most of) these pieces , and they have copied beautifully, so I’ll have these on the website available for sale very soon . . There are more pics you can find (including of the Sampans) by clicking on Flickr at the bottom of the page. I’m thinking of offering a mix of the gravesites , walls and doorways , and the Buddha and plinth,  together and separately . Thoughts ? ,, this has only developed in the last few weeks so I am just seeing what works or is wanted for now .

next  …. some old friends are back at Flashpoint Miniatures ….. the LVTP5  and  LVTH6

The production moulds for these monsters wore out at the very end of last year , so I took the opportunity to ask Darby Eckles (the original designer of this beautiful beast) to remaster a few little details (like ‘thickening’ observation periscopes and headlight thicknesses and shapes … tiny details.., plus adding a few details like antenna mounts)  so they cast out more reliably than the first (scrupulously accurate) versions do.  I’ve test-casted these , they turn out great ! …and so these will be available again very soon , …. I have a waiting list of about a dozen to do ……

but also … some more old friends are back ! … the “palm trees” pack , plus a “water plants” pack of mixed smaller greenery (and shorter palms). and a “jungle pack” of mixed trees and palm trees. …The “Palm trees” pack has been  a perennial favourite since I started stocking these nearly five years ago , and I thought these had disappeared from supply a few months ago. These are by far the best-value for money assorted trees (chosen for 15mm) you can buy. Tough, ready to use , and packed to allow you to construct 11cm-high forests with several (up to four) canopy layers of mixed foliage in a number of (at least three) different shades of lush green. I’ll take some photos, and you’ll see these on  the website shelves in a day or so.

… and I’ve just got another project or two along a bit further ; thanks Uncle Les ,  this will be doing convoy duties in no time … an Airforce version is a certainty…

Betta go for now , … please keep the emails and good conversations coming , it is awesome to see so many different projects happening and to be sharing ideas . Thankyou .







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Hi all from the Flashpoint Miniatures Bunker !

Hi all ,

It has been a great few months since I posted here last. Sorry it’s been a short while, but I’ve been having some super busy times getting some really interesting projects out the door this season. Thankyou to our many customers and (now long-time) friends and gamers who make our business and wargaming hobby the awesome community experience it is.  I’m glad to have met some really good people, a shared more than a few laughs in the last five years, And, hey ! …. I just found out one of my nearest country towns has a young, thriving, gaming club !

 ” …  here they are ! ” 

The new SEALs and Sappers are everywhere and well received, the terrain bundles are a hit, The brand-new PBR and LSSC look great !  I have a whole bunch of new things (BWN, Khmer Rouge, casualty figures ) moved forward,  and  , and have found some treasures too ! …. More later, I’m still figuring the last bit out !

Most of all, I’ve had some really fun gaming in too ! Have seen some amazing things and great people come together ! … and blow stuff up with dice !

and have a great time doing it ! …  That’s what it’s all about !

so yes , despite my not updating the front of the website for a little bit ;

.. Flashpoint Miniatures is still open for business, producing good quality casted pewter miniatures and casted urethane terrain and thoughtfully sourced additional terrain and wargaming products for a good price, and posting them everywhere. Plenty of innovative new stuff coming, … including our own bunch of rules when we can agree to finish them at some point, and not go off on some new tangent like gamers do.  Hahaha !

Happy gaming !


Flashpoint Miniatures



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Happy New Year 2017 !

Hi all,

Thankyou for your support, engagement and comradeship again for another year ! 2016 was a fantastic behind-the-scenes year with a few long term production goals realised and the quality of what we do lifted by another notch. Thankyou to people like Darby Eckles who is good with CAD Amtraks and 3D printing can-do, Tim Parnell (Gomi Designs) who is good with boats (and pretty handy with CAD and 3D printing), and Erica Clark (Reaper Miniatures) who is good with hot rubber under pressure.  But what’s ahead ?…

just Now ?…

… the release of the new US  Navy SEAL Team figures for  a start… an awesome pack of 24 special forces figures with no figure repeats .. 24 different figures to allow you to configure two identically armed teams or customise weapons for specific troublemaking.

..the release of the Local force VC Headquarters Platoon and Sappers ; a large 46 piece pack of VC “Infrastucture” troops (Cadres, taxmen, porters, trailwatchers, medics and casualties) plus Combat teams of Sappers, plus a few “Heroic Comrade” personality figures, and a few additional pieces to help fortify your VC base or village.

… the release of our first terrain ‘bundle’ pack .. a “Civilian Village Bundle” pack of twenty urethane pieces, plus another twenty metal pieces and two pieces of turf matting. Intended to be a “one pack” start to an interesting looking small Vietnamese “ville” as a collection of specific terrain pieces. This particular bundle has received great feedback from trials at the start of the year and from last year. We are happy to be able to offer it now. We have more terrain ‘bundles’ coming.

so what’s coming up soon ? … as I write this on Sunday Night 22 January , … I’ve just been away , I’ve just spent about two days cleaning up, packing, weighing and counting Flashpoint stuff, and I’ve updated and serviced the website, … I’ve got a few packs of Somalis waiting to post, and late gifts to some mates here and there still waiting to go too , I’ve got to paint up some VC , ….I’m getting ready to go to CanCon at the end of the month  …. I’m probably going to drink beer. I have to mow the lawn before then,

what’s coming up this year ? … I’d like to get Tim at Gomi Designs’ LSSC (Light SEAL Support Craft) and PBR finished for production. The LSSC is ready, … I’m changing  the twin-50 cal tub gunner on the PBR to a metal-and-urethane piece because the original piece doesn’t cast out so easily with the fast-setting urethane I use.  I also have new 3D-printed masters of the LVTP5 Amtrak,…Darby has added and changed details (like antenna mounts) and improved the originals a little for production, I need to do some new production casts for these new pieces too. Darby has also improved the T50 turret for production , and.. I’m about to cast out the V100 Commando armoured Car hull , …. and….. I’ve got the one-piece urethane ‘tuk tuk’ ready to master cast. … so a few things are awaiting some love and about six hours of attention with a perfect storm of latex.

…Easy ! .. got all the pieces ready and materials handy.. just need a day at home on  a day with normal temperatures and humidity.

Plenty more ! .. many of the figure packs are bigger and diversely packed (less figure repeats) than ever before. A lot of the figure improvements from last year are in the range of figures you will see in each of the US Army, NVA and MVC Platoon packs. You will also see that a lot of the ‘Special Forces’ figures have completely improved in quality and range , for example we can offer a 24 figure pack of kick-arse Navy SEAL Team figures , offer 24 different figures , that will dominate your 15mm Vietnam battlefield. You can see in some packs of 40-ish figures only a half-dozen  figure repeats. ! …Happy with that, … as a figure collector now-turned-producer.

Plenty more coming , ! … Welcome 2017 ! Gaming news to follow !

I need to be painting stuff .

all the best