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Hi all from the Flashpoint Miniatures Bunker !

Hi all ,

It has been a great few months since I posted here last. Sorry it’s been a short while, but I’ve been having some super busy times getting some really interesting projects out the door this season. Thankyou to our many customers and (now long-time) friends and gamers who make our business and wargaming hobby the awesome community experience it is.  I’m glad to have met some really good people, a shared more than a few laughs in the last five years, And, hey ! …. I just found out one of my nearest country towns has a young, thriving, gaming club !

 ” …  here they are ! ” 

The new SEALs and Sappers are everywhere and well received, the terrain bundles are a hit, The brand-new PBR and LSSC look great !  I have a whole bunch of new things (BWN, Khmer Rouge, casualty figures ) moved forward,  and  , and have found some treasures too ! …. More later, I’m still figuring the last bit out !

Most of all, I’ve had some really fun gaming in too ! Have seen some amazing things and great people come together ! … and blow stuff up with dice !

and have a great time doing it ! …  That’s what it’s all about !

so yes , despite my not updating the front of the website for a little bit ;

.. Flashpoint Miniatures is still open for business, producing good quality casted pewter miniatures and casted urethane terrain and thoughtfully sourced additional terrain and wargaming products for a good price, and posting them everywhere. Plenty of innovative new stuff coming, … including our own bunch of rules when we can agree to finish them at some point, and not go off on some new tangent like gamers do.  Hahaha !

Happy gaming !


Flashpoint Miniatures



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