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Happy New Year 2017 !

Hi all,

Thankyou for your support, engagement and comradeship again for another year ! 2016 was a fantastic behind-the-scenes year with a few long term production goals realised and the quality of what we do lifted by another notch. Thankyou to people like Darby Eckles who is good with CAD Amtraks and 3D printing can-do, Tim Parnell (Gomi Designs) who is good with boats (and pretty handy with CAD and 3D printing), and Erica Clark (Reaper Miniatures) who is good with hot rubber under pressure.  But what’s ahead ?…

just Now ?…

… the release of the new US  Navy SEAL Team figures for  a start… an awesome pack of 24 special forces figures with no figure repeats .. 24 different figures to allow you to configure two identically armed teams or customise weapons for specific troublemaking.

..the release of the Local force VC Headquarters Platoon and Sappers ; a large 46 piece pack of VC “Infrastucture” troops (Cadres, taxmen, porters, trailwatchers, medics and casualties) plus Combat teams of Sappers, plus a few “Heroic Comrade” personality figures, and a few additional pieces to help fortify your VC base or village.

… the release of our first terrain ‘bundle’ pack .. a “Civilian Village Bundle” pack of twenty urethane pieces, plus another twenty metal pieces and two pieces of turf matting. Intended to be a “one pack” start to an interesting looking small Vietnamese “ville” as a collection of specific terrain pieces. This particular bundle has received great feedback from trials at the start of the year and from last year. We are happy to be able to offer it now. We have more terrain ‘bundles’ coming.

so what’s coming up soon ? … as I write this on Sunday Night 22 January , … I’ve just been away , I’ve just spent about two days cleaning up, packing, weighing and counting Flashpoint stuff, and I’ve updated and serviced the website, … I’ve got a few packs of Somalis waiting to post, and late gifts to some mates here and there still waiting to go too , I’ve got to paint up some VC , ….I’m getting ready to go to CanCon at the end of the month  …. I’m probably going to drink beer. I have to mow the lawn before then,

what’s coming up this year ? … I’d like to get Tim at Gomi Designs’ LSSC (Light SEAL Support Craft) and PBR finished for production. The LSSC is ready, … I’m changing  the twin-50 cal tub gunner on the PBR to a metal-and-urethane piece because the original piece doesn’t cast out so easily with the fast-setting urethane I use.  I also have new 3D-printed masters of the LVTP5 Amtrak,…Darby has added and changed details (like antenna mounts) and improved the originals a little for production, I need to do some new production casts for these new pieces too. Darby has also improved the T50 turret for production , and.. I’m about to cast out the V100 Commando armoured Car hull , …. and….. I’ve got the one-piece urethane ‘tuk tuk’ ready to master cast. … so a few things are awaiting some love and about six hours of attention with a perfect storm of latex.

…Easy ! .. got all the pieces ready and materials handy.. just need a day at home on  a day with normal temperatures and humidity.

Plenty more ! .. many of the figure packs are bigger and diversely packed (less figure repeats) than ever before. A lot of the figure improvements from last year are in the range of figures you will see in each of the US Army, NVA and MVC Platoon packs. You will also see that a lot of the ‘Special Forces’ figures have completely improved in quality and range , for example we can offer a 24 figure pack of kick-arse Navy SEAL Team figures , offer 24 different figures , that will dominate your 15mm Vietnam battlefield. You can see in some packs of 40-ish figures only a half-dozen  figure repeats. ! …Happy with that, … as a figure collector now-turned-producer.

Plenty more coming , ! … Welcome 2017 ! Gaming news to follow !

I need to be painting stuff .

all the best









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