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Hi all from Jimmi again ! …. lots to share !

Hi all ,

I trust you are well , wow ! .. nearly end of September ! … a lot has been happening ! ..again a busy few months here ! Thankyou all . I’ve packed a lot of Marines, VC, SEALs and LRRPs recently !  I’ve got quite a few things finished, played a few games, met some new people and found a few pearls

I have a few new things to share ;

firstly;  I am happy to be able to offer some new scenery items from a veteran Vietnam and Indochina wargamer that I think are brilliant, and I hope to be offer more of into the future. These pieces are created by Pascal , located in sunniest France ; here is where to find his blog if you would like to see more . Pascal’s work is well known in the Vietnam Wargaming Community for his beautiful and imaginatively themed realistic wargaming layouts, scenery and models. I am fortunate to be reproducing a few of his pieces for sale here at Flashpoint Miniatures.

Starting with the pieces to make this cemetery layout …. I know one of our wargaming brothers in Texas, USA has been looking for cemetery pieces … these are fantastic , but Pascal also has three beautiful sampan models I can also share. I’ve only just first-casted copies of (most of) these pieces , and they have copied beautifully, so I’ll have these on the website available for sale very soon . . There are more pics you can find (including of the Sampans) by clicking on Flickr at the bottom of the page. I’m thinking of offering a mix of the gravesites , walls and doorways , and the Buddha and plinth,  together and separately . Thoughts ? ,, this has only developed in the last few weeks so I am just seeing what works or is wanted for now .

next  …. some old friends are back at Flashpoint Miniatures ….. the LVTP5  and  LVTH6

The production moulds for these monsters wore out at the very end of last year , so I took the opportunity to ask Darby Eckles (the original designer of this beautiful beast) to remaster a few little details (like ‘thickening’ observation periscopes and headlight thicknesses and shapes … tiny details.., plus adding a few details like antenna mounts)  so they cast out more reliably than the first (scrupulously accurate) versions do.  I’ve test-casted these , they turn out great ! …and so these will be available again very soon , …. I have a waiting list of about a dozen to do ……

but also … some more old friends are back ! … the “palm trees” pack , plus a “water plants” pack of mixed smaller greenery (and shorter palms). and a “jungle pack” of mixed trees and palm trees. …The “Palm trees” pack has been  a perennial favourite since I started stocking these nearly five years ago , and I thought these had disappeared from supply a few months ago. These are by far the best-value for money assorted trees (chosen for 15mm) you can buy. Tough, ready to use , and packed to allow you to construct 11cm-high forests with several (up to four) canopy layers of mixed foliage in a number of (at least three) different shades of lush green. I’ll take some photos, and you’ll see these on  the website shelves in a day or so.

… and I’ve just got another project or two along a bit further ; thanks Uncle Les ,  this will be doing convoy duties in no time … an Airforce version is a certainty…

Betta go for now , … please keep the emails and good conversations coming , it is awesome to see so many different projects happening and to be sharing ideas . Thankyou .







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