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Hi y’all !

Another ‘bigger than big’ five weeks here at Flashpoint-Miniatures !

We have had a continuing landslide of interest (and sales), some ‘new development’ works near completion, although taking longer than anticipated we are making sure we get these things “right” before pushing them through into production.
For example, we have “Kevin” the sculptor, in Texas U.S.A. drilling holes in a brass tube to get a .30cal barrel “just right” for our M113 T50 turrets …seriously ! How good is that !
… I didn’t even know this could be done !
We did already have our twin-.30cals and .30/.50cal barrels “done” for the “T50”, but decided to do it again, so we know they will be tough enough to handle “wargaming” use… not just look good.

Flashpoint’s original sculptor ; Anton Ducrot, has his new “M14 Marine” sculpts finished and just being polished up now , he has produced some excellent, and very useful new figures here !
Karl Cederman, an old Flashpoint friend and original, has finished up his M247 “Mule” (with optional driver) which he has designed specifically to carry our 106mm Recoilless Rifle, … and I guess whatever else the ‘Leathernecks’ want carried.
John at ‘Moddler’ (in Calif U.S.A), is 3D printing the hull of our upcoming LVTP5 ‘Amtrack’…. this is the best 3D-printing house we know of …we have the basic ‘carrier’ version nearly done, …before we go onto the ‘Howitzer’ version.

So lotsa good things very close now !, I’m completely glad we have such an awesome collection of incredibly talented people happy to go the ‘extra mile’ to get a good product into our hands.
I feel privileged to be able to see this happen !

!!..Additionally…if you happen to be in North America, Mark at ‘ScaleCreep’ Miniatures has a big shipment of Flashpoint Miniatures on the way !… should be there soon …

More to follow …

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