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Thankyou all from Flashpoint Miniatures !

Thankyou! , the ‘Website has been up and running now for five weeks now, and we have had a flood of interest and well-wishers and Flashpoint Faithful contact us over the past few weeks. Thankyou everyone for the very kind words and best wishes !

… And what a big five weeks it has been in the world of 15mm Vietnam Wargaming !

We have “found” about a dozen cracker ‘Flashpoint-original’ sculpts which have somehow fallen out of production. We have nearly finished out ‘Aussie T50’ Turret for the  M113’s, we are about to “print” our ‘multi-part LVTP5’ “masters”,… and we have the original maestro of Flashpoint Miniatures,.. Anton Ducrot sculpting a few new ‘Early-war’ Marines (with M14’s) and Heavy-Weapon crewmen to complete this range.

We have also prototyped a range of over fifty new terrain-piece accessories to comprise fourteen ‘sets’ of Vietnam-themed terrain pieces…everything from “Highlands Special Forces Firebase” to peaceful “Coastal-village and fish-farm” to “Town-Square”. …Lots of good things coming ! We are in the throes of doing first masters and ensuring they will be ‘visually compatible’ with other trusted terrain pieces. We want some good looking BIG tables happening !

There’s never been a better time to be wargaming Vietnam in 15mm !



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