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Hi again guys !

Wow ! ..It’s June ! … we’ve had some important milestones in the last few weeks. We have received our Amtrack/LVTP5 master back, …it’s being casted-up right now …we are aiming to get the best option for producing a good moulding method. …and we have a Howitzer version (LVTH6)on the way also. Our commission from Anton Ducrot has just arrived back so ‘early-war’ US Marines packs are very close. Our ‘Mule’ is back from being production-mastered ….so is ready to start being produced soon-as ! …Looks like heaps of USMC goodness is here…
..Semper Fi !
We’ve also received our very-long-awaited T50 turret back ..we’re very happy with it…we’ll show it off as soon as we got a few ready. Sweeet !
…I’m sorry if this is all taking longer than I’ve projected, I originally wanted to stagger these releases over the last months…but the reality of ‘getting new things done’ dictates it happens when it is ready ! ..well it is all ‘ready’ about now …stay tuned !

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