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Attention Commanders, Capt Jimmi back on deck .

Hi all , after a very short few weeks off , your very own Captain of Industry is once again filling orders and making new stuff . In fact, I even managed to complete a few stalled projects, got some new ones happening, have done some restocking, and have jumped into the 3D printing universe where my head still gapes with wonder .

The recently added ARVN HQ , and MIKE Force HQ Units have been very popular and are now back in stock. Likewise the NVA Sappers and LVC HQ Cadre have been recently very popular .

The ‘Palm Forest’, ‘Jungle Forest’and ‘Wet jungle’ Packs have been expanded (in size and variety) by about half , for only a few dollars more , and I claim to be the best-priced batches of diverse plastic-scenery trees and shrubbery for 15mm Vietnam gaming you can find.

I’ve also recast some of the items in the urethane scenery range , and expanded favourite molds to produce better. I am particularly happy with the new ‘Civilian Village fence sections’ repack of the “fences and animal pens”. I now produce this as six 10 cm. fence sections. ( to use two of these to make an animal pen on a 5x6cm base is a ten minute task with shears and superglue, and paints easily ) .. And the on-table utility of the 10cm fence sections for scenery development has been a tabletop experience. I’ve also seen these used to mark camo hides and speedtrails for LVC , I have used them for stilts to lift hooches and platforms off the ground , and have been collecting a pile to make a pallisade fence set of defences for a MIKE Force project .

..just add Foo gasse barrels !

The rules writing project is happily evolving . I know I keep saying this , but they will be in a fit state to share very soon. We have had a recent re-restructure of the presentation of the rules and edited / moved a fair bit of ‘scenario development’ rules from the front sections into an appendix of it’s own. I think this is a big improvement and reads easier and quicker towards the game itself. We have been experimenting with ‘irregular’ scenarios (think Green Berets training CIDGs and Striker Units, or MVC Cadre developing LVC fighters and VC infrastucture units ) and how to develop them with ‘tactical campaign’ rules. The purpose to be a ‘development vs combat’ -balanced campaign model that ‘works’ from either perspective . The aim of the game leaning towards development in size and skill of your regional forces as a Commander. (or as an Advisor if you crave frustration . .) I hope the time and care we are taking to put this together will reflect in a great set of simple-to-use rules, to tackle some complicated-as-hell situations (we will provide some too ) ; and bring some big interesting games and weekends to come. I’ll keep you posted here.

If you haven’t already please come and find the new front bar of the old ‘Fields of Fire’ Forum , where all things Vietnam Wargaming are discussed and shared . There are plenty of good resources and great people to find here.

all the best ,


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