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The ‘Marines are landing !

Hi Gents,

Wow ! it’s August ! , Sorry if this website has been a bit quiet over the last two months, I’m a pretty inexperienced blogger !

I recognise that I tend to communicate (by habit) more by PM, and tend to lurk around the rather excellent ‘Fields of Fire’ Vietnam wargames’ site more than I communicate here… am learning …will do better.

There has been no shortage of work done behind the ‘scenes at Flashpoint HQ in the last two months ;

1. The M274 ‘Mechanical Mule’ sculpted by Karl Cederman has been released for sale,

2.The ‘Early war USMC Rifle Platoon’ (with M14’s) figures sculpted by Anton Ducrot are back, production moulded, and first figures have been spun out …(the first thirty packs already pre-promised are being sorted after I write this), we are getting a sample painted for display on the website before we release for sale.  …An ‘Early war USMC weapons/support’ pack will follow very soon.

3. We have a few Aussie infantry, and US Sniper team sculpts back from Leandro Ventic,  ….plus new VC ‘Porters’ sculpts,  and a few Civilian ‘village-wares’ items (ie; village “clutter”-you will see what I mean soon) also done. Leandro is about to start on a ‘tuk-tuk’ piece I super keen to see done. Then onto ARVN !

4.Our so-long awaited ‘Aussie’ T50 turret (with a selection of arament options) has been fine tuned/improved. We had a few teething problems with this, fixed these, and have resculpted the araments again, and got the commander’s hatch right (for the Aussie version)… am sending away to be master-moulded again ….Want to get this right ! Will be here in time for the new Aussie sculpts.

5. Our LVTP5 and LVTH6 Amtracks are being production moulded… we have been slowed by adding to the detail (tow hook and cable), but in a way that is reliably able to be production-casted … but it is about three steps further forward after a lot of work, and a number of production moulds should be getting made at the end of this week. ..So nearly ready for release.

6. We’ve sent out a few ‘monster’ orders to the USA, particularly to our old friends Mark at ScaleCreep Miniatures, and Aaron at Noble Knight miniatures.

7. We have finished prototyping a range of resin terrain of more than thirty pieces; bunkers, hooches, buildings, pigpens, wells, fences, roads, Buddhist statues… you name it. We will get to ‘producing’ these as soon as the Amtracks are completed.

8. We’ve also started writing up (coherently) the Vietnam wargaming rules we have been playing for about fifteen years….

Yeah ! …we been busy !

More to follow ……

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