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Cheaper Postage ! ….and more than 20% Off to USD customers !

Hi Gents ! …I’ve recently had a few requests for postal/shipping rates clarification, so I went and had a look at the Australia Post plug-in that calculates shipping and options, to my surprise I found that the cheaper shipping rates options had been switched off …so  I’ve switched them back on !  Hereby, cheaper postal rates than “Express hand delivered by  three wise Magi” is now available.

Also ..if you aren’t following the financial news from Australia ( I don’t think anybody does) , the Australian economy under our current fearless leadership is spiralling into the toilet , and nearly all the robber barons in the mining sector have sold out and left ! … But that’s great news ! (only if you are self employed , grow/kill your own food and make your own electricity..)

(At the time of writing)… The Aussie dollar (AUD) is down about 22% against the USD (…than what it was about this time last year) (AUD= .76 USD), and down about 10% against the GBP   (AUD= .52 GBP), ….great news ! … if you don’t live in Australia !

tony and child

So exploit the opportunities ‘Down Under ! … Buy Australian!

… before we officially convert our currency to Renminbi (RMB) ! …

All the best  😉


16 march 2015.



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