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Hi Gents ! ….Shop closed for a fortnight ! ….Field Trip !

Hi Gents,

How’s it going ? …Have been pretty flat out here till now. Thanks for all your support !

Lotsa good things happening ! …ARVN Rangers/paras seem a big hit ! New (actually ‘old’) SEALs about to arrive into production. More SEALs (as boat crew for Gomi’s Designs LSSC), and Boat Crews… about to come. Mould Replanning project doing well. …even getting some painting and gaming done ! Rules projects looking real good !…scary !

Just a note on the ‘front door’ to say about to go away touristing for a fortnight from tomorrow,

…am on tour to Vietnam ! ..true ! will take some photos.

The shop will still be open to take your urgent orders but I will be unable to pack and ship until I return in early May.

I hope this is OK !

Hang in there ! Lots of good things coming !

(Civilian vehicles, terrain pieces, new and ‘old’ figures ..looking their remoulded best !)


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