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Take Cover ! Bunker down ! ….

Hi all !

Hahaha ! .. spoke too soon !  Armageddon season is not done with us yet !

I hope this finds you well, safe and happy, and maintaining your sense of humour !

I hope you remain well, safe and happy, and maintain your best thoughts and intentions.

Luckily, we live in ‘back-country Australia, and we are now in our sixth month of existential crisis (drought, fires, floods, plague) and am getting better organized, leaner and creative as we need to evolve. There are now all sorts of movement restrictions where I am, but at this moment I am well stocked and supplied to be able to continue manufacture items, and able to freight via Australia Post easily enough. So I can still accept orders and send until this changes.

While I am here may I suggest (especially for customers from the USA) to elect to send your parcels via Express Post (if you can afford it) for the short term. My advice is because of the way that the US handles incoming mail.

Although , saying this ; I’ve just had a run of ‘Panic buying’ (hahaha!) as some of my regular customers who have emptied the shelves of some items that I will need to manufacture before they will be back ‘in stock’. If your megalomaniac lockdown plans require something that is listed as ‘out of stock’ let me know and I can make effort to get to it sooner. I will understand the importance and urgency of your plans.

What projects do you have planned for the lockdown ??

We are in our second week here in Australia and I’ve only just been able (D+8) to sit down and get some project management organized. Hahaha!  …Look forward to me doing a US Cavalry Platoon , and a NVA Sapper Company, and finishing off my ‘urban’ buildings , and a VC Base Camp complex , these are all “want to do” projects for some time now. I will look to share as I get it done.

Please feel free to say G’day and show me what you are doing.   

Otherwise , Happy painting ! Happy gaming ! enjoy your chance to ‘lock in’ and get some great projects done . Share as you go. Remember to get up and stretch and exercise (involving some deep breathing), practice to visually focus on distant objects periodically too , It does make you more productive on the painting desk and will only be beneficial to your health and mental health otherwise to establish it as a habit in the longterm .

Remember to check on your loved ones, stay connected and take care of yourselves * .

We are all in this together , separately .

If you interested to meet a nice collection of gentlemen Vietnam wargamers come and join us on FaceBook at 

All the best,

Am keen to hear what you might get up to


* But not too much that you get soft and poorly motivated.

Comfort is a slow death. Pain is just weakness leaving the body. ….Hahaha!