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May 2016 Update .

Hi Gents , Great days !

Yes, have been usually busy with many new things. Thankyou to our newest happy customers who have kept me well busy.

? new stuff ;

–  the SEALs pack will now get a few new members and be a full SEAL ‘Platoon’ of 18 men.

– a new 40piece Local-force VC Headquarters ‘Platoon’ ;  a collection of Command, Sappers, Porters, Trailwatchers, medics, markers, and extra machineguns for the well organised Localforce VC Company HQ .


-The ARVN have a HQ Pl coming, and a MIKE force PL ,  and new MACV/SOG figures.
-The USA Infantry have been rebased and remastered a little. …eg machine guns + ammo belts better casted .
-A handful of NVA figures have had the same overhaul.

At the moment these have all been master casted and are awaiting production casting.

I’ve got new Khmer rouge master figures x8 half-done,  a metal tuk tuk for production casting , a urethane Renault ‘Saigon taxi’ , a V100 Commando Armoured car nearly finished.

I’m collaborating with Tim at Gomi Designs to do more crew and weapon pieces for his upcoming boats as he overhauls some of his work and adds the PCF boat he’s doing right now . I’ve just done a great twin .50 gunner for his PACV  model; for example. The PBR and LSSC metal pieces are next in line to be production-casted so I can
manufacture these also.

No new terrain. I have a bunch of ‘hard-building’ masters to be production casted. I’m looking to expand what I do with  the ‘hooches’ pack to make a good looking 20+ piece ‘Asian rural village’ as a bundled item.
The Rules project is looking really good. The main working party (here in Australia) had a big meet and game
in November last year and again just before Christmas, and again just a fortnight ago.
The Tactical tabletop rules working well and written clearer, and are getting good results in the scenarios we’ve been using / testing . (in the dark, in the wet, lots of irregulars, special forces  etc. etc. ) The Force TOE’s are being added to , and Scenario/theatre/specialist rules being done now as ‘extras’ (eg field engineering, boats/BWN .. lotsa ‘extras’) instead of  bulking out the core rules . November -December was a short test of  our adaptation of Martin Porters’ “Guerilla Warfare” campaign rules with a simplest of settings .. want to repeat for a BWN setting to see if they can  handle it at BTN level with lots of moving pieces, moving tides , and sneaky Sappers and SEALs in the dark.

Not rushing things, and want to make sure all the bits work together . Having fun.
flashpoint NVA command crop

Flashpoint figures calling the shots !
However most of the Working Party has got ADD with OCD for PGM’s  , and have got distracted by the potential Cold War gaming awesomeness hysteria sweeping the known world. They’re in Africa with Saggers and T-28 Air-Forces. …Like herding cats right now .

I wish I was painting a lot more than I’m getting done right now … how about you ?

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