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Happy New Year , New Packs , New figures, New rules .

Howdy all !

I hope your New-Year hangovers have settled by now.

I’ve been a busy little bunny recently preparing for CanCon , the biggest ‘Con on the the Aussie calendar in Canberra … but as of yesterday will be unable to attend … sorry guys ! …my House-sitter (actually ‘Farm-sitter’) just bailed .

…(methinks think it’s about a girl ..all’s fair in love and war….Hahaha!)

Along the way I’ve been super diligent ‘out the back’ … I’ve mentioned before,.. our production efficiency and quality has improved markedly in the last year so I’ve been making sure some of the new and most awesome figures we do are well represented in the ‘platoon packs’ we already do. I’ve also digested some of the feedback from mates and customers about “what is useful” …so Flashpoint-watchers might notice changes in size of some packs.

…For example: ‘Mortar platoon’ packs will be smaller (three crews per pack, from the original six crews per pack (…and therefore more affordable ) ….And some packs will be bigger, especially some of the smaller  ‘Recon team’ -based packs which will be slightly bigger and more capable where it counts.

More new stuff ? … I’m still waiting for the new ARVN sculpts to be production-moulded in the ‘States. I have also got some new casualty markers, and new MVC heavy machine-gunners coming in this lot. I also have a ‘LVC HQ Pack’ and ‘NVA Armour Crews’ ready to go, and a few terrain items such as “Palm Leaves” which I think you might find really, really useful. These will be added to the website in the next few days.

Our own ‘Vietnam rules’ project is about finished, and just about to be thrown open for a first look before we properly ‘produce’ them with glossy pictures etc etc. I will very soon post a ‘four page version’ in the forums here. …Stay ‘tuned.

…any questions or further suggestions …let me know ! …and continuing thanks for the input, custom and support thru 2014 !

Happy ‘gaming,  and continuing awesomeness for your 2015 !

More (much-more) to follow !

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