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Happy Birthday to us !

Hi Gents !

wow ! it’s the beginning of December !  …I’ve been quiet here again , but rest assured I’ve been busy for the cause !

No … I wasn’t eaten by crocodiles or sharks in North Queensland, …. just mosquitoes and sandflies.

Yes ! Flashpoint Miniatures ( V3) is now two years old ! ..what a vertically educational two years this has been.!

This last few months has seen the rollout of a whole bunch of useful terrain ‘base’ items which have been built on the really popular ‘sandbag walls’ terrain pieces we were already producing. …These have been really popular and I have set new personal records for polyurethane casting achievements… Thanks for the really positive feedback and interest !

Another personal milestone for me is the re-production (in a new mould) of the ‘bamboo clumps’ piece so they are easier to produce  than they were before … this item has proved much more popular than I had anticipated ,  and up to very recently was always struggling to have enough, …now… problem solved. This item makes a great ‘hidden Unit’ marker for when you need them….and I’ve been needing them more of lately.

The long awaited new ARVN figures, are being production-moulded in the USA as I write this, so I’m hoping these moulds will be in my hands very soon. There seems to be a lot of interested people waiting for this. I’m very happy with how this has turned out, despite taking a full six months longer than I would have wildly  imagined.

I’m also using this moment to do an overhaul of most of the figure packs we do. …In the last year our production quality and efficiency has improved near-100% , and I’m now seeing more of, and better castings of  Flashpoint’s best figures….and I want to get more of them into people’s hands.! ….So as I plan this overhaul,  it is a satisfying feeling that efforts have paid off in this direction. ! …..more of better can’t be a bad thing !

So again… sorry I’ve been quiet here at the front of the website ! … but it’s not a sign that nothing’s happening ! …it’s a sign that I’m creatively busy ‘out the ‘back … where the good stuff comes from.!  …with more to follow !

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