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Busy start March 2021 ! … Great projects ! Short Break !

Hi all !

I hope this finds you happy and well . Thankyou for the busy start to the year ! I am just restocking now on some items (like NVA Sappers, , ARVN Paratroops and the UltraModern Delta Force operators ) that have been very popular so far this year .

Wow ! there are some great projects coming together out there ! The lockdown and lock-in has been very productive for many . Hahaha! I have seen some of the most cleverly crafted game pieces / Army collections and scenery projects in the last year .

SEALs about to get their man !

I don’t know if you have seen the news from Australia recently , but our area has had some problems with flooding and severe rain. I need to close down the website shop for a few weeks so I can unpack and clean out the factory , and help out some neighbours who are worse off than me . I will let you know here when I am back up and running .

I also want some time to add a host of a-waiting new items onto the website ; I want some time to cast up some more firebase items that have been asked for . I need some time to restock my jungle trees , and I am expanding some of the production areas in the ‘Flashpoint Forge’ with a view to adding . I’ll finish up the two relatively large orders (and a small one from an old friend) on my table right now and get into adding some new stuff and changing things around a little . I have been meaning to do this for a short while now but I have been flat out just getting orders away . Thankyou all , but give me a little time and I’ll have some great new options on offer soon.

I am also excited to say I have some new ‘workers’ in the Flashpoint factory , and I want to use this time to get some training done. The behind-the-scenes working of making quality miniatures and game pieces takes a bit of skill to get done, and I am hoping to train these skills to others and make us more efficient at delivering what we want to offer .

proper training is important

So please , say hello if you can . I am still keen to see what you have been doing .

I’ll be sharing here and there as I get stuff done .

this is what it is all about ; quality miniatures and good tactical options for your forces ; to the end of the road and beyond .