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Re – Org ! .. Flashpoint Miniatures May 2021 !

Greetings Gentlemen !

I hope these times and days are finding you well , safe and happy !

I am still working on the behind-the-scenes details of re-cleaning and re-engineering some of what we do , but am not anywhere close to where I thought I would be a few weeks ago. I have been continually hampered by mother nature and brother logistics, but I am moving forward cheerfully enough. Hahaha !

I have marked everything in the Flashpoint Shop as “out of stock” while I work on new items for the range of figure packs. I will be back on deck with a bunch of new and ‘old-favorite’ items just as soon as I can. I am using this moment to make some fundamental changes to what and how we supply our ranges of Vietnam War and Ultramodern (now ‘Post-Ultramodern’ ??) metal figures , and urethane terrain-piece bundles.

Plus we have some new factory equipment and we need to get it working nicely. I am looking forward to exploring this, and it will allow for expanded possibilities on what we can offer.

We will likely not be continuing to supply the “made-in-China” trees and palm trees we used to, as this seems to have become difficult and unreliable.  I was hoping to also introduce a range of really nice MDF lasercut urban terrain pieces , but my mainland-Chinese-based supplier for this ( a lovely chap doing this a hobby side-project , but living where there has been mass-CoVid and big flooding for the best part of a year now ) seems to have gone quiet.

We will have to wait and see. I hope everything works out for the best. … It usually does.

I will let you know here and at the usual on-line hangouts for more news and details as I have it ready.

I might even get something painted ! Hahaha !  .. I hope you do too !

All the best from down under , I hope all stays well where you are .