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“2020 … if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger “

I am hoping you have a safe , healthy and Merry Christmas and New Year period in the next few weeks .

I am taking a break over the Christmas new year period so won’t be patrolling the Flashpoint Miniatures shop for a few weeks into January . You are welcome to place orders but I will not be processing them until January but I will process them in the order that they come in . …. After a busy few months , I need to be looking forward to doing another round of cleaning and restocking and renewing.

…. This time last year (December 2019) we were worried about burning down in huge Australian wildfires, since then things have only got weirder. I have heard many personal stories over the last year , enough to know that I have had it pretty easy compared to some ,… Nonetheless in every measure this has been an ‘unprecedented year’, I hope you are all doing Ok. I feel pretty fortunate to live where I do at this moment. Thankyou friends and customers who have been a big base of support and comradely good fellowship over the last year .

I have a few orders on the table still to post, but after that I’ll be cleaning and restocking , maybe some painting and hopefully getting in a few games myself .

I’d like to offer some new ‘character’ packs, squad-sized packs, plus a few terrain items from next year. I’ve had these “ready” for a little while but not had a ‘quiet time’ (understatement)  to redo the website shop to fit them in somewhere. I’ve also got a few reorganization -jobs on existing packs in result of some excellent feedback / discussions over the last year of trials. Some of you will have seen the “overstrength” HQ packs in the last few months already, as some new ideas have been trialled . The feedback has been pretty good . Hahaha!  

But most of all I am looking forward to some time off over the next few weeks to spend with my young family and we will be back soon .

All the best for the holiday season .


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