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Howdy gents ! …Lots in my Loc !

Hi guys !

What a great time in 15mm Vietnam Wargaming the last month or so has been !

I know I’ve been sampling the 15mm goodness in abundance at the moment, I’ve been painting up lots of other people’s stuff, and formulating an African  army (for ‘AK47 Republic’) from the UltraModern ranges.  …. great days in 15mm !

I’ve managed to finish a small range of handy and versatile terrain pieces and accessories that I’ve been piloting since March last year. Extensive scrutiny, beer-fuelled debate, consultation, comparison, and engineering has been undertaken on what items will be hopefully most useful for the Vietnam (or 20C/Modern) table top, and complement, ….or stand apart from existing ranges.  I’m at the moment when all the current stage of production moulds are ready to go. …I just need to place items in the website shop ! …and I’m waiting for a bunch of new header cards to arrive for the packaging. Hahahaha! ….I’ll post in the forums here when I’ve got a chance to tell more !

I’ve also had the long awaited ARVN ‘greens arrive from the sculptor ! Woohoo ! I’ll get these away with a bunch of other greens that have been waiting ! …stay ‘tuned !

For those of you who are interested in our ‘rules’ project …these are coming together very nicely (…hooray!) …and seems to have ‘arrived’ better that I had imagined. …again, stay ‘tuned.

Thankyou for all the steady support, best wishes, excellent advice, sound debate, and good friendship that continues to come my way, …and makes this a big, big role I enjoy doing !

Good gaming !

More to follow .



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