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Flashpoint Miniatures (v.3) is one year old ! , … one year wiser !

Howdy Gents ,

It’s been a rocket-ride first year for my tenure as Owner/manager of Flashpoint Miniatures ! …What an education !        I’ve been a long-time (30+years) casual but dedicated wargamer across a number of genres, but I really had no idea what goes on behind the scenes.  At this moment in time, when tabletop wargaming seems to be gaining in popularity, abundance and sophistication …I feel it is completely my privilege to be doing this.

I first ‘discovered’ Flashpoint Miniatures only about three years ago, and although I liked the figures, I felt that the composition of the packs left a lot to be desired. When I heard that the Business was offered for sale, and learned the previous owner had more-or-less ‘lost interest’, … I felt that this was a beaut little range of figures that was worth saving, and more-than-worth taking further. I was already a 15mm Vietnam tragic (yes, I also own a fair amount of Peter Pig, QRF and Battlefront figures/models, … and a shedload of aircraft) .. and as I discovered some of the more unique and quality offerings from the Flashpoint range (eg; Montagnards, Sappers, and the largest, coolest selection of ‘Vietnam Special Forces’ figures there is ) , my enthusiasm for the potential of Flashpoint Miniatures grew and grew.  …It’s still growing.  ….  Again … I feel it is completely my privilege to be doing this !

In this first year (not knowing any better) we have added twenty-eight ‘new’ figures, remastered another twelve figures  I felt could-be-better (or had production issues), rediscovered another fifteen figures that had fallen from production and will be re-released soon (or are already turning up in packs). We have also added three new vehicles (and a T50 turret for our M113 model) and nine new ‘terrain’ items/accessories. …..I say “not knowing any better” because I suggest this represents a fairly ambitious schedule for a miniatures production company twice our size, and it has been a near vertical learning curve for me on how to ‘make this happen’, let alone the time and personal $$$ invested to see it through. I’m pretty chuffed with what we have managed to achieve so far , and have a bunch more new items (ARVN figures, vehicles, boats, terrain pieces) already on the way.

We have also made a point of improving the ‘production quality’ of what we are doing, (from what/how was done before) … we have improved the quality of the lead-free pewter we use (actually good enough to eat off ), found better (tougher) polyurethane ‘resins’ to use, and very recently changed the spincasting team we use … I’m now seeing the best castings of our figures I’ve seen so far, and believe we have ‘lifted the bar’ on what is possible to offer.

Along the way I’ve been lucky to meet and collaborate with a new circle of talented friends, artisans, suppliers, buyers, wargamers and production gurus. I cannot emphasise enough, what good work, advice, ideas, encouragement, feedback and friendship I have received over the last year , or how valuable this is . Big Thanks ! Keep it coming ! IOU!

So a big Thankyou to everyone (especially customers) who have made it possible this year to get this far at all. I believe by this time next year we will be another quantum-leap forward in 15mm wargaming awesomeness, and will have our own “big-battle” wargaming rules well on-the-table. ….so if you are not already … get painting ! , start hoarding vehicles and aircraft ! , make shedloads of cool terrain ! negotiate with work, family and loved ones to be absent next year ! get some exercise !  do whatever chores need doing ! …don’t say you weren’t warned !  Your time starts now !

All the best for Christmas and the holiday season, I hope/trust you emerge unscathed, maybe even richer and wiser.


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