Wet Jungle plants and Palm Trees


60 pieces ; ten different types of plastic jungle foliage. Seven different types (36 pieces) of palm trees from 11cm to 2.5cm in trunk height. with another 24 exotic ‘wet’ jungle plants .

This pack is intended to produce an A4 page area with a semi-dense amount of ‘double-canopy’ jungle foliage (120mm in height) , with another dozen exotic big-leafed tropical plants typical of wet jungle areas such as highland -jungle valleys or lowland swamps.

This is intended to be an area of dense lowland jungle or swamp that could be hiding anything from the ground , and maybe from the air.

This pack of trees is well market-researched and sourced to provide the best value and selection for your wargames-jungle building needs.  The size of these pieces was chosen with 15mm figures in mind but would work perfectly well with 20mm figures.

No watering required.

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 7 cm