Jungle Trees and undergrowth.


64 pieces , a giant bag of eleven different types of jungle foliage .

Five large (about 110mm high, 70mm across) jungle trees in different types and colours, with another 25 jungle trees of three sizes in three shades of green. Add 22 palm trees of four types (from 110mm high to 35mm in trunk height) and 16 ‘undergrowth’ pieces.

This pack is intended to produce an A4 page area with a denser amount of  ‘triple canopy’ jungle forest (120mm in height) , with another dozen undergrowth to block any lower level line-of-sight.

This is intended to be an area of dense jungle that could be hiding anything from the ground or the air.

This pack of trees is well market-researched and sourced to provide the best value and selection for your wargames-jungle building needs. The size of these pieces was chosen with 15mm figures in mind but would work perfectly well with 20mm figures.

No watering required.

We have just managed to source these excellent table-tough large ‘banyan’ tree models for this purpose and have mixed these with three layers of palm trees to achieve a true ‘layered tropical forest’ look. I can’t wait to make these up myself…and will try my hand at making buttress roots for some of the bigger trees.

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Weight 123 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 7 cm