Bamboo clumps

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10 Metal pieces

They’re back… a popular piece ! …much more popular than initially anticipated …perfect for a subtle objective marker…or four. …ie; one bamboo on a base , two bamboo on a base, three bamboo on a base, four bamboo on a base …voila ! …four …. objective markers / hidden unit markers / tunnel entrances/ booby traps .

….make your opponent find out which !

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Weight 55 g
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 2.5 cm

1 review for Bamboo clumps

  1. James Tiffin

    Beautiful little sculpts from the hands of the infamous Karl Cederman. Ideal for use as tabletop ‘markers’. ie; objective markers, booby-trap markers, tunnel entrances etc. ..or just put ’em out in the middle of nowhere to keep your opponent guessing !…if he send a platoon off to investigate… they have done their job !

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