LVC HQ Platoon and Sappers


46 Pieces ; a large pack of useful figures, offering a range of character figures including VC “Infrastructure” troops who are the targets of the FWF Special Forces Recon patrols.

Useful for scouting for and supporting your VC Rifle Platoons, or occupying a ‘liberated’ village or a fortified position .

VC ‘Personality’ figures, Command, Cadres, Taxman, Sappers and ‘Heroic fighters’.

Plus trailwatchers, sentries , medics, riflemen, porters,  local agents, snipers in spider holes, tunnel entrances, booby trap markers.

38 Different figures, 46 Pieces total.

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 2.5 cm


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