LSSC (Light Seal Support Craft) , STAB .


The LSSC was another purpose-built-for-Vietnam boat. A low silhouette, very shallow draught, armoured and very quiet, with mounting for various armaments and/or radios, it was intended to insert 6-7 SEALs by water. It was also fitted with a radar for night navigation.

In 1969 the LSSC was ‘upgraded’ to the identical looking STAB (Seal Team Assault Boat), which replaced the jacuzzi water-jet propulsion with propellor shafts and an upgraded powerplant , gaining  some power and speed , but sacrificing its’ very shallow draught. The radome was often removed and another 2-3 SEALs could be carried. Additional armour and armament was also often added.

Model requires assembly ; one polyurethane hull, plus two metal crew. metal radome, M60 and Mk18 AGL. (6 pieces total)

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