‘Dug-in’ Markers (5x3cm FOW bases)


Dig in ! …Four ‘dug-in’ markers to accommodate up to a 6x5cm (Artillery) base, or two 5x3cm bases !

OR ….these are designed to break in half to make up to eight infantry base ‘dug-in’ markers, each will accommodate a single 5x3cm FOW infantry base.

For a US Infantry Platoon ‘Remain Overnight’ Position.. , I’d suggest keeping one intact as a Platoon headquarters + F.O. + Medic ; ‘fighting pit’;… and breaking the remaining three to make six dug in markers for the remainder of a typical Platoon.

Alternatively a three tube mortar/gun battery can be accommodated as three gun pits in unbroken ‘markers’ , plus two infantry-base weapon pits from a single ‘broken’ marker.

THIS might be the easiest terrain fortification pieces you will ever ‘make’ !

These would also be an easy device to mount ‘mesh’ protective screens across the front of your vehicles’ fighting positions… or ‘dig in’ vehicle-sized elements,.. or even small buildings or caches .


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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 2.5 cm


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