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Greetings Gents, March 2023 .

Hard to get good time off !

Just a short G’day to let you know that I’m overtly back in the packing shed and working away . I’ve just now caught up on a swathe of orders that had arrived while I was away (in January) and I’m up to orders from the end of last week. All good so far. A running start to 2023 !

There have already been a pair of large-ish  ‘club’ orders come through, so it’s good to see some interesting big group projects underway out there . This should be a good year for 15mm Vietnam tabletop wargaming .

on the painting desk right now ; MACV SOG all-options team . On the right is a Recon Team in enemy uniforms / some enemy weapons , to the left ‘Brightlight’ search -and-rescue teams .
Flashpoint ACAVs before undercoating ; I’m starting a new armoured cavalry troop .
WIP destroyed wire sections ; just needs some scraps of wire remnants . I want to offer a tutorial on defensive wire making .
ARVN Marines in contact with VC
US Army and Mobile Riverine Force looking for VC

I hope your 2023 has been good so far , and only gets better .

All the best ,