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Greetings Gents , April 2022. Still wading ashore .

Greeting gents ; again thankyou for a busier-than-ever last month !!

I’ve been flat out busy getting orders ready and posted over the last month such that I have not been able to update the website shop on the new items like I’ve wanted to . I have been so busy with incoming orders in the last month that I am now destocked on a few items (US Army infantry Platoons have been the most popular ) , and need to manufacture some more. I will get waiting orders out the door and into the post first and then fire up the forges .

I have had more than a few queries about upcoming and listed ‘out of stock’ items and I can assure you they are on the way and I’d like to / need to be taking ‘product photos’ so I can share the awesomeness on the website shopfront.

Since my last post (at the start of March 2022) where I mentioned the ‘seasonal flooding’ that was slowing me down a little , well we have had some more of the same. The flooding in late February was labelled  a “once in 500 year event*” and destroyed the regional small city closest to me , and within the month we have had more of the same level of rain and floods. … and more on the way apparently. ….So these “once in a 100 year” floods seem to be happening on a monthly basis this rain season.

No problems ; we are high and dry where we are so far , but it has made it a bit slower to get Flashpoint jobs finished in between other basic tasks I need to be doing (like digging drains and shovelling my driveway back up the hill) . I request your patience here for a little bit until the weather dries out. Supply in and Postage out is working ok one the roads are open , the workshop and packing shed is remaining dry and happy.  

I am keen to share some more on-the-horizon projects such as prepainted terrain items / bundles , undercoated 3D printed vehicles, Riverine boats , but I’ll focus on getting the basics done for now , and core items like US Army infantry back in supply.

I am still most happy with the “Wire Obstacles” item coming up that has had some early praises , but is yet to be listed in the shopfront , so I need to get first things done first .

All the best , happy gaming .  


(* Australia has only been settled by ‘whites for just a bit over 200 years ; so to say that a flood is a “once in 500 year event” seems a bit historically presumptuous ; just ‘sayin. )