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August 2022 , Back and busy as ever !

Hi Gents ,

Day one , August 2022 , since my last post here I’ve been waylaid with the dreaded Covid and non-Covid ‘lergies , and navigated through a bunch of road-block distractions , (including my day job) but arrived here with Flashpoint Miniatures in good shape . Some of you would already know I am taking and shipping orders, and have already dispatched a few Companies -worth of NVA , MVC and USMC metal figures , plus urethane terrain must-haves in the forms of our (newly returned) ‘Village terrain Bundle’ , plus Hooches and Sampans and bundle items such as the VC/NVA Base camps.

Our ‘design team’ has been debating over the inclusion of bundled items into planned ‘Defense packs’ which are scenario oriented . How to plan these selections so they are modular and offer best versatility for the expanding player and are scenario – specific to facilitate a greater breadth of Vietnam wargame scenarios . How to table a typical ‘rural civilian village’ ? …in the highlands ? , in the lowlands ? in the ‘Delta ? ,….How to table a civilian village and turn it into a RF ‘Strategic Hamlet ‘ or a CIDG A-Camp , or maybe a VC Forward Base camp or Rear Base camp ? , … without too many pieces ?? …. What are the fortifications and the ‘liability pieces’ of your camp setup ? … This has been the beer fueled research of our design team that we now bring to the table . Many of our urethane terrain items have had new moulds done and additional ‘detailing’ pieces added. For example ; our ‘village bundle’ and ‘thatched hooches’ packs now also have gravemarkers as a detail piece, our sampans carry more cargo pieces and tyre buffers. I am about to list the soon-to-be-released ‘Wire Obstacles kit ‘ which has been supplementing ‘FWF Fortifications’ Orders for a few months now and has received great feedback . We are restocked for this and it will be coming soon. I have more bunkers planned , and more boats planned too , but we have been having some great research discussion on the nature of both FWF Fortification and VC Fortification ‘bundles’ .

Can I say here that we are using a new casting metal supplier (actually since the beginning of Covid , ie; mid 2020), and even though costs have gone up on this precious metal , the non-lead pewter mix we are using right now is the best casting metal experience I’ve had in just short of ten years of spincasting ; I am producing some beautiful metal figures and they seem to cast out in good numbers , so even though it is (more recently) more expensive, it has improved the average quality and availability of the 15mm metal figures which is our basic offering . We have so many excellent metal figures and gaming accessories we are still finding out how to share them all . Our ‘research team’ just put together six different “MACV-SOG teams ‘ packs that don’t look much at all like each other . ..coming soon .

So thankyou to my friends, fellow researchers and customers, for keeping us here and keeping it interesting .

More to follow