ANZ Task Force Assault Pioneers


28 Pieces ; designed to add two teams of ANZ Combat Engineers (sappers) , plus two dog teams and Command elements with two M60 teams for security .

Each team is recommended as a three man Command Team , one three (or four*) man demolition (/tunnel rat) team , one two man minesweeper team (in US helmets),  plus a two man M60 crew and a dog handler and K9. Plus three mine/demolitions markers .

This is intended to supplement the ANZ Sappers already attached to the ANZ HQ Platoon pack (one team) , .. for those bigger jobs just as tunnel and bunker clearance and demolitions , VC Base area searching , route clearance, and Cordon and Search tasks where more than one ‘Sapper team will be an advantage.

This is our most popularly requested new pack.

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ANZ Rifle Companies had the valuable resource of a small sapper team that would accompany the Infantry Company HQ into the field to conduct the myriad of specialist combat engineer tasks that are needed particularly when searching / demolishing VC base areas or caches / neutralising mines and booby traps.

Tracker and Search Dog-teams proved useful .

Command Element and two ‘assault-pioneer’ teams .

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 2.5 cm