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Hi Gents ! November is here and happening !

Hi guys ! , I’m sorry I’ve been slack here,… but I’ve been awesome everywhere else !

I’ve just got back from northern safari and a few days of most supremely excellent playtesting goodness. …..with a few days before that of organising and finishing off plenty of nice looking terrain pieces. ….with a few days before that of getting some nice looking minis all ready for tabletop combat.

Marine landing force

Now I have some really pretty eye candy to share . Will post some AAR’s as soon as.  The rules project is advancing steadily … I haven’t posted anything here because it seemed to be evolving so quickly leading up to ‘safari’. The campaign rules have been popular with those that have seen them so we are considering keeping more to the original presentation of tactical and campaign rules …just now with greatly increasing ‘Army Lists’ and background ‘scenario’ information ! Hahaha! I feel like we’ve come a full circle ! (…or we are going around in circles ! …Hahahaha!)

I shoulda put a ‘note on the door, saying I’ll be away …have come back to lots waiting to do ..thankyou for shopping at Flashpoint Miniatures ! …Glad you like !

I need to do a little restocking !

Great days !


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