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Hi Gents , Happy New Year 2019.

Hi all , I hope you have had a great holiday period wherever you are .

I’ve had a really busy period up to now , and am still getting things out the door from (immediately) before Christmas ,… admittedly they are some pretty big orders, that have lots of special bits ; but I’m still going, and about to get these away.
I’m planning on taking it pretty easy over the next few weeks up to the end of January. I have a few wargaming commitments I want to put my attention to , so I’ll still be taking orders , but I’ll likely be a bit slower to get them out in the next few weeks .
Plenty of good stuff coming , thankyou for your support and custom over the last year. Despite me having a few weeks away for family reasons , last year was the most busy and innovative so far , AND  we are making some more fundamental changes to how we do things behind the ‘scenes so things should be getting better.

I just had the challenge of assembling a large bunch of scenery and figures for a special ‘movie-prop’ project , and pulling in a large number of disparate products (not just the popular ones) ; at short notice , just after the end of an already busy period , and I was remarking at how much our production (in quality and numbers) has improved from our first years . So am feeling good for what’s ahead , now looking to get some time in throwing dice on a table or few .

All the best for now !  Happy Gaming in 2019.


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