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Closing the shop for a few weeks , May 2024

 Hi all ! ,

I am closing the shop for a few weeks as I am coming up to a busy period of travelling and receiving a few visitors I’d like to be able to look after . I am just finishing up on current orders I have already to date, and I plan to be away from next week.

Thankyou for your engagement , support and custom over the last few months , It has been very busy .

I have been producing and packing my little heart out over the previous few months. I’ve found a new metal supplier I am very happy with (after the previous one closed down) , and have been enjoying producing the metal figures, seemingly finding some of the best, crispest, castings and efficiency I have ever achieved since I took this on more than 10 years ago. I also have a waiting list of new moulds for reconditioning for some of the most favourite / popular urethane terrain pieces and some new terrain pieces and vehicles / boats on the horizon.

Likewise a much promised overhaul of the HQ packs is imminent with the appearance of some ‘specialist squad ’ packs for engineers / interpreters / medics and “personalities” on the way also.  

I’ve had a lot of interest in the US Cavalry Platoon (ie ; ACAV Platoon figures) and have been shipping these out just as fast as I can produce them. Thankyou for the feedback you have offered on what is most needed by your tabletop forces or games rules.

I hope you are well and happy and productive while I’m away . I’ll let you know here or directly when I get back on deck in a few weeks from now .

All the best ,