‘Hatchett Force / MIKE Force/ PRU or ‘Border Rangers’ Patrols


24 figures ; USSF Advisors, three Machinegun teams and heavily armed ‘indig’ Strikers, ready to chopper in and raid, rescue or relieve any situation. Also suitable for ‘Border Rangers’ Platoons in later-war scenarios.

These Patrols(x2-3) should be the mainstay of your MACV/SOG  ‘Hatchett Force’ Companies . I would suggest to add a MACV/SOG Patrol (USF-04) as the ‘HQ’ to your company, plus a pack of RF/PF/CIDG Patrols as trackers and AK47-armed ‘faux teams’ if you want to try a “prisoner snatch” operation.

These Patrols (x 2-3) should be the mainstay of your USSF MIKE Force Companies, I would suggest to add a pack of Montagnard /CIDG and/or RF/PF Patrols and  a MIKE Force Company HQ Platoon to round out a MIKE Force Company ready to walk or fly into any trouble.

These patrols (x1 will do) should be the maintstay of your ‘SEAL/PRU (Provincial Recon Unit) ‘Project Phoenix’ Team. I would suggest to add a SEAL team , and maybe a RF/PF/CIDG Patrol to act as guides or RVNFPF.  You might want to insert your SEAL teams by LSSC and your PRU Platoon by PBR or Sampan.

These Patrol should be the mainstay of your ‘Border Rangers’ patrols . I would add an ARVN Ranger HQ for support. Perhaps adding further ARVN Ranger Platoons, or CIDG patrols depending on the ‘raid or recon’ scenario

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