We take pride in making our products!

We use high quality tools and equipment when manufacturing our models and miniatures. The results speak for themselves…

We take pride in making our products!

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Flashpoint Miniatures is an Australian wargames and miniatures manufacturing company based in the Northern Rivers, in the state of New South Wales. We specialize in 15mm scale military miniatures with a current focus on the 'Vietnam' War and latest Middle Eastern conflicts. Comprised of a small group of designers and innovative thinkers, we have established the foundation of a constantly evolving range of miniatures and accessories that in time will develop to encompass a much wider range of periods, interests and options for the modern war gamer.

Hi all, Flashpoint Miniatures back on deck , and firing up !

Hi Gents ,

I’ve just had a six week period whereby I’ve been a bit quiet on the Flashpoint front as I attend to extended family duties. All good .

I have used the brief downtime to perform all the ‘behind the scenes’ admin like stocktaking, filing and cleaning (there was a lot to do here) ,.. but most importantly ,.. getting a few new projects ready and completed. My new Sampans and cemetery pieces are ready (mastered by ‘Sunihanble’ ; a genius wargame terrain builder ), and a few other ageing favorite molds have been improved and replaced.

I have been a little busy here over the table nonetheless, as a few gamers have been amassing some interesting NVA Sapper Companies that we put together earlier in the year. There has also been a lot of interest in larger VC units and I have really enjoyed a run of packing up larger NVA and VC units in some big orders.

Sappers on the wire ! … courtesy of the desk of Josep Ribera.

I’ve also added a few figures to my ‘pet’ project of MIKE force/ Hatchett force and MACV-SOG pack rethinks , after reading John Plasters’ book ‘SOG’ again earlier in the year. I have a few painting/modelling priorities rightaway ; but I am so looking forward to getting a formation of these bad boys together and painted. I am looking to add some sort of ‘irregular’ HQ units with a few heavy weapons and medics / signallers / interrogators etc to ’round these units out on the wargames table for bigger ‘jobs. I have a few friends who are fully exploring the ‘special-operations’ genre , and I have had some excellent feedback on “wants and needs” .

“Clear ! ” ; from the wargames table of ‘Just Jack’ . 

So thankyou very much gents , thankyou for giving me a little time that I needed , and thanks for keeping me busy nonetheless. Huge thankyous for your kind comments on other forums about my “outstanding” service (very appreciated to hear) . Plenty of most excellent new and old 15mm Vietnam wargaming goodness is here.

more to follow , out for now .