We take pride in making our products!

We use high quality tools and equipment when manufacturing our models and miniatures. The results speak for themselves…

We take pride in making our products!

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Welcome to Flashpoint Miniatures - Wargames & Miniatures Manufacturers

Flashpoint Miniatures is an Australian wargames and miniatures manufacturing company based in the Northern Rivers, in the state of New South Wales. We specialize in 15mm scale military miniatures with a current focus on the 'Vietnam' War and latest Middle Eastern conflicts. Comprised of a small group of designers and innovative thinkers, we have established the foundation of a constantly evolving range of miniatures and accessories that in time will develop to encompass a much wider range of periods, interests and options for the modern war gamer.

Hi Gents , Happy New Year 2019.

Hi all , I hope you have had a great holiday period wherever you are .

I’ve had a really busy period up to now , and am still getting things out the door from (immediately) before Christmas ,… admittedly they are some pretty big orders, that have lots of special bits ; but I’m still going, and about to get these away.
I’m planning on taking it pretty easy over the next few weeks up to the end of January. I have a few wargaming commitments I want to put my attention to , so I’ll still be taking orders , but I’ll likely be a bit slower to get them out in the next few weeks .
Plenty of good stuff coming , thankyou for your support and custom over the last year. Despite me having a few weeks away for family reasons , last year was the most busy and innovative so far , AND  we are making some more fundamental changes to how we do things behind the ‘scenes so things should be getting better.

I just had the challenge of assembling a large bunch of scenery and figures for a special ‘movie-prop’ project , and pulling in a large number of disparate products (not just the popular ones) ; at short notice , just after the end of an already busy period , and I was remarking at how much our production (in quality and numbers) has improved from our first years . So am feeling good for what’s ahead , now looking to get some time in throwing dice on a table or few .

All the best for now !  Happy Gaming in 2019.