We take pride in making our products!

We use high quality tools and equipment when manufacturing our models and miniatures. The results speak for themselves…

We take pride in making our products!

Join us and fight

Flashpoint Miniatures have an upcoming ruleset near completion. Email us for more information or Join us in our forum for discussions.

Welcome to Flashpoint Miniatures - Wargames & Miniatures Manufacturers

Flashpoint Miniatures is an Australian wargames and miniatures manufacturing company based in the Northern Rivers, in the state of New South Wales. We specialize in 15mm scale military miniatures with a current focus on the 'Vietnam' War and latest Middle Eastern conflicts. Comprised of a small group of designers and innovative thinkers, we have established the foundation of a constantly evolving range of miniatures and accessories that in time will develop to encompass a much wider range of periods, interests and options for the modern war gamer.

Hi all from the Flashpoint Miniatures Bunker !

Hi all ,

It has been a great few months since I posted here last. Sorry it’s been a short while, but I’ve been having some super busy times getting some really interesting projects out the door this season. Thankyou to our many customers and (now long-time) friends and gamers who make our business and wargaming hobby the awesome community experience it is.  I’m glad to have met some really good people, a shared more than a few laughs in the last five years, And, hey ! …. I just found out one of my nearest country towns has a young, thriving, gaming club !

 ” …  here they are ! ” 

The new SEALs and Sappers are everywhere and well received, the terrain bundles are a hit, The brand-new PBR and LSSC look great !  I have a whole bunch of new things (BWN, Khmer Rouge, casualty figures ) moved forward,  and  , and have found some treasures too ! …. More later, I’m still figuring the last bit out !

Most of all, I’ve had some really fun gaming in too ! Have seen some amazing things and great people come together ! … and blow stuff up with dice !

and have a great time doing it ! …  That’s what it’s all about !

so yes , despite my not updating the front of the website for a little bit ;

.. Flashpoint Miniatures is still open for business, producing good quality casted pewter miniatures and casted urethane terrain and thoughtfully sourced additional terrain and wargaming products for a good price, and posting them everywhere. Plenty of innovative new stuff coming, … including our own bunch of rules when we can agree to finish them at some point, and not go off on some new tangent like gamers do.  Hahaha !

Happy gaming !


Flashpoint Miniatures